The Full Package program is a unique intensive course, combining 24/7 of daily classes and in house schooling with local families. The course is divided to 3 levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. Usually, the course is for those who want to maximize their language fluency to be able to communicate in an advanced level.

The Full Package course requires a minimum of 5 students, with a maximum of 15. These courses are structured and organized ahead of time, and last between 1-3 weeks in a village.

The course is presented either in Hebrew, or English to foreign students.   



  • The classes stress the use of language in everyday situations and focus heavily on speaking and communication skills.

  • Textbooks and a variety of other materials are used in instruction.

  • In 6 lessons each day, starting at 09:00 am - 15:30 pm, students work on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. 

  • At 15:30 pm - 16:00 pm the class have a summarized practice session throughout talking groups, role-playing, traditional songs, phrases and homework provided. 

  • The course includes full accommodation & board for the whole period.

  • The course also includes learning material and cultural activities during the course.

The actual learning starts In the afternoon when students practice their speaking and listening with their hosting families. The hosts are trained to teach Arabic to foreign students, as well as focusing on special topics include: fluency practice, films and TV , local culture, manners, current events and holidays, politics and many more..​ The idea of learning intensively and  then get to practice with a personal treatment, gives you the ideal tool to learn and provides the goal we seek for - learning day and night from the source. 


The Full Package