Full Immersion




Full Immersion For Free Stylers is a unique program, combining 24/7 of "pure" in house learning

with local families. The course is appointed to intermediate or advanced students.

Besides "absorbing" Arabic all day, there are also formal lessons thought by the host family.

The lessons stress the use of language in everyday situations, and focus heavily on speaking and communication skills.


  • The course is available every Sunday, starting at 10:00 am - Sunday 16:00 pm. 

  • You can book between 1-8 continuous weeks in a village.

  • Daily lessons are divided to 2 morning and 2 evening sessions. 

  • In 4 lessons each day, students improve their pronunciation, accent and vocabulary. 

  • In between lessens, you are a part of the conversation and daily routine.

  • The course includes full accommodation & board for the whole period.

  • The course also includes local tours with the family.

What do we mean by "Immersion For Free Stylers" ?

It's a unique mindset of learningThis course simply basses you in the core of the Arabic language from all it's aspects. Being exposed to a large verity of subjects, such as cultural manners, ceremonies or holidays.

From day one, you will become a part of the family and feel the warm hospitality.
Everything you learn in between lessons depends on your own will and capabilities.

If you are an autodidact and you like new adventures, this course can perfectly fit you.