Family Weekends



El-Masdar's Weekend Experiences are available all year long. These programs combine a relaxed vacation and a few more added values, such as learning about the Arabic culture and language while enjoying great hospitality with a local family. The course is appointed to anyone (Individuals, couples, families etc). Some people come for the experience and some focus on practicing there Arabic. 

The weekends are flexible and allows you to book either one or two nights, starting every Thursday of the weekend. 



  • The course is available every Thursday/Friday, starting at 12:00 pm - Saturday 20:00 pm. 

  • flexible learning environment, depends on your decisions with the family.

  • Learning or expanding your vocabulary during conversations and daily routine.

  • The course includes full accommodation & board for the whole period.

  • Local tours and side activities with the family.


What do you do during the weekend ?

In this program you can learn anything you like. The family will expose you to a new culture, from the most closes aspect.  As mention, over the weekend you can work on special topics: fluency practice, local history, religion, etc. You can also pick to enjoy the environment, local culture, talk about politics and daily local routine. During the weekend you might probably meet other family members, visit local sites or other activities.​ These programs are special because you "arrive as a guest and leave as a local". In such a short time you can absorb many experiences. If you are open and ready to experience an out of the box mindset programs, this is your course.